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Cook Your Bacon Quickly And Easily With The Fox Run Microwavable Bacon Rack.Simply Lay Your Strips Of Bacon Down, Cover Them With One Or Two Paper Towels To Prevent Grease Splatter.Cook your bacon quickly and easily with the microwavable bacon rack.Thick-Cut Peppered Bacon Cooked in a Microwave Using a Bacon Microwaving Tray.A fast and easy way to cook bacon that also reduces the mess and allows you to eat less greasy meat.

Makin Bacon Microwave Rack — This microwave bacon cooker cooks the bacon in the air and not in the fat.

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I received this Mak N Bacon Rack as a gift from someone because they know I love bacon.

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The Rack Is Dishwasher And Oven Safe For Easy Cooking And Clean Up.

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A method of packaging bacon so that after folding and joining two tabs, the package converts to a rack for holding the bacon and collecting the grease during microwave cooking.

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Featuring actual mini racks, the device hangs your bacon (like your laundry) to ensure every side is evenly cooked at once.Microwavable Bacon Rack is tagged with Microwavable Bacon Rack, Microwavable, Bacon, Rack.This rack was developed to address the problem of microwave-cooked meat being limp and unappetizing.

Now, that said, I HATE the smell of bacon cooking, I really dislike the greasy mess from cooking bacon and I only like bacon if it is extremely crispy.Nordic Ware manufactured this microwave-safe bacon-meat rack during the early 1980s.

Each piece of bacon is draped above the fat and does not lay in the excess grease while cooking.

Most racks are designed with this in mind, and use either a draping method or have built-in drainage to ensure your bacon stays dry as its fat drips away.

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Related Searches: microwave bacon rack, oven rack pull more Related Searches: baxter rack oven, single rack oven, oven taco rack, doyon oven rack, dual oven rack, rack dutch oven, oven rack extender, frigidaire rack oven, roller oven rack.Pan frying bacon can be time-consuming, but this microwave bacon rack will allow you to prepare bacon faster than ever.